In 2014 Alex Woodward preached a lesson at the Gassaway congregation entitled, “Biblical Lessons Learned from Children.” In this lesson, he contrasted our at times stagnant faith with the unashamed, eager, and enthusiastic faith of the children who we often share pews with. Here are a few of his points:

-Sing loud enough for the deaf to hear and don’t care!
-Forgive, Forget, and Go On!
-Be proud of Christ’s church and share it with others!
-Spend time in with others after services and don’t let it feel like punishment.
-Share the Gospel like kids share the hottest toy or talk about the new Disney movie.
-Run to Sunday school like it’s on fire and you are going to put it out!
-Memorize Bible verses because it’s fun and others are proud of the work you are doing!
-Talk to your family about what you learned in class when you’re at home or while you’re on the way home like the others weren’t in class or don’t know the story.
-Be excited to come to worship God and be with our church family!
-Pray honestly and openly about what’s on our heart, cuz we ain’t got to worry about no right English.
-Be careful what we say because God is always listening!
-Worship is time to be quiet because we are in God’s presence!
-Give our money to God with a smile on our face and in our heart!

Jesus also compared our faith with the faith that children possess. Unlike many of us, little children tend to have inherently trusting spirits and are often completely dependent on and willing to freely receive from others. How much better would our spiritual lives be if just like little children, we all lowered our walls and really allowed ourselves to be totally dependent on God while trusting Him to provide for our needs? We could all benefit from learning from the children sitting in the pews next to us.

“Then (Jesus) said, “I tell you the truth, unless you turn from your sins and become like little children, you will never get into the Kingdom of Heaven.”

(Matthew 18:3 NLT)

In Christ,
Jonathan Anderson