Early American Benjamin Franklin once made this terse irrefutable observation: – “The learned fool writes his nonsense in better language than the unlearned, but still ‘tis nonsense.” There may be no topic about which more learned nonsense is spoken and written than the origin of the cosmos and everything in it, including you and me! How did the earth and life on it come to be? There are two irreconcilable explanations. The first is Genesis 1:1 where the Bible begins with 10 simple words in English (45 letters in all, an average of 4.5 letters per word): “In the beginning, God created heavens and the earth.” Genesis chapters 1 and 2 affirm that God created an abundance of living creatures to live on the earth, including mankind (Gen1:26-27).

This first explanation is roundly rejected by many in our thoroughly secular and scientific age. Instead of beginning with an intelligent and powerful and personal Creator, learned atheistic scientists use six and seven and eight syllable words to advance ideas like “The Big Bang Theory” and “The Theory of Evolution.” Though millions accept these theories, questions never quite answered are, “What went ‘BANG’ and where did what went ‘BANG’ come from, and where did what evolved originate?” Two years ago (December 2019, Ken Joines Newsletter), gospel preacher Ken Joines (now deceased) quoted Christian author Frank Peretti who heaped humorous scorn on man’s godless theory of evolution. He summarized it as “some electrical charge hits this mass of goo and it accidentally becomes life, and that amoeba flew down to the ocean and in a few million years develops eyes and scales and fins – that fish gets tired of being a fish and in several million years it crawls up on the shore and develops legs and eventually wants to go faster and so it grows a furry tale and climbs a tree and starts planting nuts and eventually gets a longer tail and starts eating bananas and decides it wants to shave and cuss and drink beer, and so it becomes a man!” Peretti sarcastically summarized all this as from goo to you by way of the zoo” (the title of a book written by Harold Hill several decades ago in which he, too, poked fun at lack of logic and evidence for a God-less explanation of the origin of life).

Why should you believe in God? Because, to quote the title of a 2004 book by Norman L. Geisler and Frank Turek, “I Don’t Have Enough Faith To Be An Atheist.” In the book they argue that the less evidence you have for your position, the more faith you need to believe it. They posit that there is more evidence for the Christian view that someone (God) created something out of nothing than for the atheistic view (there is no God; therefore no one created something out of nothing). Concerning evidence of God creating, Dr. E. A. Maness said, “If the word ‘GOD’ were written upon every blowing leaf, embossed on every passing cloud, engraved on every granite rock, the inductive evidence of God in the world would be no stronger than it is.” Could that be why the Bible pronounces men and women “without excuse” and “fools” for concluding there is no God (Romans 1:20 * Psalm 14:1)?

“From goo to you by way of the zoo” – that just won’t do if you reason and think things through!