It was suppertime. The evening meal was served. Assuming that in the spring it got dark by seven PM then in fourteen hours he’d find himself betrayed by an inner circle friend, denied by another, forsaken by ten more, accused of heresy, transferred to a pagan court, lied about, beaten, spit on and mocked….and ultimately nailed to a Roman execution device. The darkest day in human history. Humans were allowed to murder God. Sunday is coming.

Friday and Saturday: despair, disorientation, depression, disappointment and disillusionment ruled. Sunday is coming.

Before dawn on Sunday morning and event so spectacular occurred that a group -not one- but a group of Roman soldiers fainted.

The resurrection was the single greatest event in human history. It proclaimed the authenticity of the claims of Jesus from Nazareth. He claimed to be the Messiah. Without the resurrection he would have been dismissed as a liar, the ultimate falsehood speaker or a lunatic – a man whose delusions were so strong that he believed he was God. But when Sunday arrived it was proven that he was indeed the Lord.

Looking at the events leading up to the resurrection it is easy to despair. Looking at the events of the betrayals, denials, forsaking and the cruelty it would be easy to lose hope and quit…but Sunday came.

I don’t know what you are facing, have faced or may face. When you do and we all will. If not literally then metaphorically wait three days. Wait on your Sunday moment. Don’t quit for three days. Don’t divorce for three days. Don’t take your own life for three days. Sunday is coming. And even if it doesn’t sort itself out on this side of the arch of time…Son day is coming. Because the one who rose will return.

Happy Resurrection Sunday.

– Written By:
Lonnie Jones