The Supreme Court is the highest court of appeals in our Constitutional Republic. In our nation there are numerous lesser courts leading up to the Supreme Court. The lower courts may make various decisions about various cases but if the Supreme Court decides to hear a case, it is irrelevant what the other courts have previously decided or which verdict was reached. Only what the Supreme Court rules matters. All other courts, no matter how powerful, just or unjust, must pale in significance when the Supreme Court rules on an issue.

Who has made a decision for your life? In other words, what “court” has ruled on your circumstances? Maybe the court of your employer has ruled that you will never leave your position. It may be that the court of your finances has decided that you will never better your lifestyle. It might have been the court of your doctor that has stated that you will never be cured of your disease.

Whatever your circumstances may be, take comfort knowing that you can still appeal to the Supreme Court. At the very least, place it “on the docket” so that God can decide what the final rendering is. If our Omnipotent God hears your case, it is irrelevant what previous verdict the lesser courts of your employer, your doctor, your lawyer, or anyone else might have reached. Because when that Supreme Court speaks all other courts become irrelevant. You can be happy today because our God is Sovereign and He sits on the throne!

“The Lord has established His throne in the heavens, and His kingdom rules over all.” (Psalm 103:19 ESV)

In Christ,
Jonathan Anderson