There’s a story that’s told about a little boy whose legs weren’t developing the way that they should have been. His pediatrician told his parents that their son needed to wear a leg brace, which would help to position the leg and foot so that it would ultimately be able to grow properly. The little boy’s parents wanted to do the right thing for their son but were miserable having to carry out the doctor’s orders. The bar in the leg brace held their son’s leg completely straight and made it unbendable. Every night when his parents would put the brace on their son and put him to bed, he would cry from discomfort and frustration. Understandably, the little boy felt hurt from his parents and occasionally even doubted their love for him. His mother was often tempted to take off the brace but resisted because she understood that she was doing the right thing for her son.

As difficult as this time was for everyone, the pediatrician, the little boy’s mother, and his father all did what they did because of their concern for the little boy and his well-being years down the road. They were willing to sacrifice convenience now to provide a better quality of life for him later. I believe that our God works the same way. He cares for His children. While I don’t believe that our God would cause the terrible things that are currently happening in the world around us, I do believe that He can and certainly will use the means of restraint and discomfort that we experience during situations like these to achieve His desired result and even further develop our spiritual welfare. As disciples of Jesus, it’s important to always remember that our God is always acting out of the love that He has for us, even when it doesn’t seem like it at the present time.

“And we know that for those who love God all things work together for good, for those who are called according to His purpose.” (Romans 8:28 ESV)

In Christ,
Jonathan Anderson