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Does Your Love Need Fixing?!


Two friends at work were discussing an irritable, short-tempered co-worker. One of them said, “Yeah – he’s like a porcupine. He’s got a lot of fine points, but he’s hard to get close to.” Do you have somebody like that in your life? I feel certain most of us would say we do! Practically the […]

Learning From The Energizer Bunny!


I know you’ve seen him – the cute, sandal’s-clad, sun-glasses-wearing bunny who beats a bass-drum and marches along, pausing only long enough to heighten the impact of the tag-line of the Energizer Battery Company’s advertisement – “Still going.” But that line has been amended from the original tag-line. According to an article at (website […]

Why It’s Called The Golden Rule!


Kermit the frog is famous not only for talking but for some of the things he said. For instance, “If life were easy, it wouldn’t be difficult.” My favorite is the twist he put on the old adage, “Time flies when you’re having fun.” Kermit twisted that to say, “Time’s fun when you’re having flies.” […]

How To Make Your World A Little Place!


Bible commentator William Barclay wrote about a young woman named Edith who was very self- centered – “Edith lived in a little world, bound on the north, south, east, and west by Edith.” I don’t agree with everything Barlcay wrote in his commentaries, but he very often had, as we say, “a way with words.” […]

One Hope, Or No Hope?


The power of hope defines the psychological victim and psychological survivor. If I could find a way to package and dispense hope, I would have a pill more powerful than any antidepressant on the market. Hope is often the only thing between man and the abyss. As long as a patient, individual or victim has […]

Motherhood – Not a “9 to 5” Job!


Mother’s Day is the day our culture pulls over to do what the Bible teaches we ought to do every day – honor our mothers (Exodus 20:12 * Matthew 15:4 * Ephesians 6:1-2). Major kudos to the mothers among us, whether the children she loves and nurtures are her biological children or otherwise. In 1980, […]

God Wants Good Waiters!


Somebody observed that patience is the ability to idle your motor when you feel like stripping your gears. Americans don’t like idling. Idling suggests not moving or if moving, moving very, very slowly, as in “just idling along.” Americans don’t like idling and we don’t like slow. We like fast. As in fast lanes, fast […]

Jesus And Social Distancing!


The phrase “social distancing” is now a part of our vocabulary, and, until the Covid-19 crisis is over, it will be a routine part of daily life. At the phrase “social distancing” is defined as follows: “Social distancing means not interacting with anyone outside your household, and limiting trips to places where you might interact with […]

There Is A God – And You’re Not Him!


A Yiddish proverb seeks to impress upon us how little we human beings are able to control the future. The proverb says, “Man plans and God laughs.” Woody Allen is credited with saying, “If you want to make God laugh, tell Him about your plans.” Those sayings seem especially powerful and poignant at the present […]

The Church’s Story!

by reports that the cremation rate in the United States has been increasing steadily. The national average rose from 3.56% in 1960 to 53.1% in 2018. Projections from the Cremation Association of North America forecast a rate of 59.4% in 2023. Reasons why cremation is becoming more popular include less expenses and more conveniences (for […]